Eco Friendly Floors For Your Boat Dock

We are all pretty much familiar with the term Ecology. Caring for environment is a moral duty that humans must always oblige to. When it comes to carpeting and flooring, how many of you have actually thought about caring for environment? I guess not many. But if you are going to have a new floor installed, now is the time to pay attention to Eco friendly wood floors, which are actually fun. So which materials or sources are our Eco friendly wood floors? Let us probe a bit in upcoming lines!

  • Rubber:

Our first pick might have surprised you a bit. But it will not sound so astonishing once you look at the floor of your nearby gym for instance. One of the best qualities of recycled rubber is that it is water resistant. Along with its all features, it is really good to walk upon Floors Plus!


We will not refrain from startling you again and again. Leather is our second pick as a Eco Friendly substance. However, it is not as easy going as rubber. It is perfectly suited for bed rooms but not ideal for moist places such as bath room or kitchen. On a brighter side, it is durable.

  • Glass Tiles:

We are sorry if your jaws are dropping a bit but our third choice is equally classier, if not more. So what are advantages of using glass tiles as a floor? The first one that comes to mind is that it will reflect light, hence providing a bit more light off the surface than the usual. Secondly, it is resistant to dampness and hence will not be bothered by moisture. Glass tiles can be arranged in different patterns, to give a glowing effect or versatility. Ever wondered what happens to the wine bottles and beer bottles that are shipped to the recycler? They are converted into beautiful glass tiles.

  • Bamboo:

It is plants turn. And in plants, we are interested in Bamboo grasses. One of the advantages of this grass is that it is light weight. Hence, its installation is feasible and not complex at all. It is durable as well. This is the exact same thing they used on these boats. It is basically a decorative material due to its availability in different hues. Not a bad pick for your floor at all.

  • Cork:

A rare property in Eco friendly floors is their anti microbial powers. Cork is a substance which is endowed with this property. Hence, the floors made of Cork are considered very much important these days. Another quality of cork is that it is insect repellent as well. It can dampen the effects of fire; this property makes the cork floors something very important.

So these are our top five picks for Eco friendly floors. These include plants and non plant, both sources. We hope that you liked them and may be pick one for your floor!