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Over the years, countless surveys and studies have been done that have focused on the statistics regarding the leading causes of car accidents.  Almost regardless of time period, inattentive driving has always been at or near the top of these statistical lists.  New York is no different from anywhere else, as inattentive driving causes an enormous number of New York car accidents every year.  People who are injured by an inattentive driver in a crash are forced into a difficult situation for many reasons.

Below you will find a brief overview of the statistics that relate to New York car accidents that were caused by at least one inattentive driver.  You will also find information regarding the potential damages that could be recovered by someone who has been harmed in this manner.  Anyone who has been injured by an inattentive driver needs to obtain the help of experienced the best auto accident attorney Modesto as soon as possible.

New York Car Accident Statistics – Inattentive Driving

As stated above, inattentive driving is almost always one of the leading causes of car accidents across the United States.  While the distractions may be different, this ranking is nearly constant.  This holds true with regards to the statistics regarding New York car accidents caused by at least one inattentive driver.  This driving mistake represents the single largest cause of crashes in New York.

Every year, nearly 50,000 New York car accidents occur because at least one of the drivers involved was not paying a proper amount of attention to the driving environment at the time.  In addition, more than 25,000 of these crashes lead to at least one significant injury, and nearly 150 lead to at least one fatality.  Inattentive driving is listed as the cause of nearly 20 percent of all New York car accidents, more than any other cause that appears in the records.

Potential Damages after an Inattentive Driving Accident

When someone is injured because of a New York car accident caused by an inattentive driver, that person has legal rights and options that include filing a New York personal injury lawsuit against that inattentive driver.  If such a lawsuit is filed and it’s successful, the plaintiff could recover several forms of damages depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

Specifically, a plaintiff in a New York personal injury lawsuit that arises for this reason may be able to recover damages for his or her medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering, and many of these damages can be recovered both for costs already incurred and for those that will be realized in the future.