Some Interesting Facts About Limousines

Everybody knows precisely what a limousine (Limo) looks like. Today there are lots of reliable limo rentals that provide various services like airport drop, weddings and Port Canaveral Limo Services. There are surely a lot of different sizes, styles, models, and colors as well; and people love limos because they show off to the world that you are wealthy and that you are having a great time. Limos are hired when you want to go to the airport, when you want to reach your homecoming or prom party, when you want to get to a function somewhere, etc. All these kinds of events would fit perfectly for you to roll up in a limo. This stretched car conveys a lifestyle of luxury, celebrity feels, and class. Limos have been around for the last century, and they also have a long and rich cultured history.

Here are some interesting facts about limos that you might not know.

  1. Back in the year 1902, the driver sat outside the main compartment. Automobile Limos were first built in the year 1902, and these machines were not stretched out giants like the ones we have today. Stretching these cars started a good two decades after. They were considered luxury automobiles even then. The design was indeed based on the fact that the passengers had complete privacy from the driver’s compartment, which is why the driver was put outside. The driver’s compartment was protected from some weather by just a sunroof. Nowadays the partition still exists, but it is an electronically controlled partition that can be controlled with the press of a button.
  2. The first ever Limo built looked like a bus. The first stretch limo was manufactured in the year 1928 for a very popular musical ensemble. They used this vehicle to get to concerts and also to transport their expensive musical equipments.
  3. The word “limousine” actually referred to a cloak, back in the 1900s. The word came from the Limousin region of France, and this region was very popular for its local traditional outfit which was a cloaked wood horn by the shepherds for shielding against harsh weather. The completely covered compartment of the car closely resembled a hood from this outfit, which is why it was called a “Limousine.” The name will surely never change, but people have started adapting an abbreviation for it, and that is “limo.”
  4. It is also very interesting to note that limos were the first ever cars to adopt air conditioning in them. They were first built in 1939 for New York and Chicago limousines and luxury automobiles. Air conditioning was released then, and it was an optional upgrade option for an additional $275 if the clients wanted to have it installed.
  5. The longest ever limousine was 100 feet long.