7 Piece Henckels Knife Set is Perfect for Filleting Fish

Looking to fillet some fish after a long day at sea?  Well, the Henckels knife set could be the perfect fit.  The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 7-Piece Knife Set comes with an elegant hardwood block to place your knives in. The four knives have different cutting skills and therefore satisfy different cutting requirements depending on your needs. Together, they make the perfect knife set for a professional as well as a household kitchen and sum up all your slicing, dicing and chopping needs. The fours knives are a chef knife, a santoku knife, a utility knife and a paring knife. When you have this knife set at home, there is nothing to worry about. You would enjoy cooking as the most tedious task of cutting will be taken care by this fantastic knife set.

This knife set is also accompanied by sharpening steel which keeps the edges of the blades intact. Moreover, a pair of kitchen shears is also provided for trimming flowers, herbs or strings etc. The hardwood block beautifully holds all seven items and turns out to be quite a masterpiece for your kitchen. Due to the presence of the three rivets classic handle, this knife set stands out among other quality knives. This handle provides tremendous comfort and helps to make smooth cutting moves. You do not have to make too many movements or put too much pressure for cutting. Cutting becomes extremely easy when you have the Henckels Knife Set.

What Are Some of Features of This 7-Piece Knife Set?

  • The basic most feature of this knife set is the four knives which constitute the major part of this knife set. These four knives are an 8 inch long chefs knife, a 5 inch long santoku knife with hollow edge, a 5 inch serrated utility knife and a 3 inch long paring knife.
  • The chefs knife is most suitable for major cutting and chopping requirements in a kitchen. The santoku knife is a three purpose knife and is extremely useful for slicing, dicing and mincing. If you mean to cut a vegetable into equal shapes and size then the santoku knife will come in handy. The utility knife is best suitable for butchery purposes and makes sure that while cutting meat no strands or skin stick to the knife and that a clean cut pieces are obtained. Lastly the paring knife is best for slicing fruits and vegetables. It is pretty much evident now that the 7-Piece Henckels Knife Set sums up all types of cutting requirements in a kitchen.
  • The other three items in this 7 piece knife set are 9 inch long sharpening steel, kitchen shears and a hardwood block which is basically used as an up holster.
  • The 9 inch long sharpening steel helps the users to keep the edges of the knife blades sharpened. As for the kitchen shear they come in handy when you want to trim or snip herbs and flowers for decoration or garnishing purposes. Lastly the wooden hardwood block provides a place to keep all the six items of the knife set.
  • The blades are made from high quality stainless steel blades that are friodur ice hardened. Except for the utility and paring knives all the long knives are made by high technology welding process. The welding process involves welding of three different types of high carbon stainless steel so as to provide distinguished and promising features to the blades.
  • It has a three rivet classic handle. The handles are full tang handles and are synthetic black laminated. The three rivet handles are much lighter than the Pro S handles generally used in other knife sets. Due to this light handle they are extremely comfortable to work with. The handle makes the knives more convenient to work with. The black laminated handle cover gives it a classy and elegant look.
  • This 7 piece Henckels Knife Set comes with a lifetime warranty.

In total, this set contains a 8 inch long chef knife, 6 inch long santoku knife, a 5 inch long utility knife, a 3 inch long paring knife, a 9 inch long sharpening steel, kitchen shears and a hardwood block which holds all the knives. It is considered to be a reliable standard when it comes to knife construction.  We even compared it to other knife sets on this website, and it seems like it holds up pretty well, both in quality and value for the money.

The handle is comfortable to work with and does not imply any kind of strain on your hand. Moreover, they come with an ergonomic handle which makes it really easy to work with.  They are precision honed and stay sharp for a very long time. They are also dishwasher safe which makes it easier to wash them. Friodur ice hardening makes them stainless and gives them high strength. The use of high carbon stainless steel makes them rust resistant. Overall, it is a great knife set to have in your kitchen that you will never regret buying.

What Benefits Does This Henckels Knife Set Offer?

  • This Henckels knife set sums up all the cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping and snipping requirements of a kitchen.
  • It is dishwasher safe, therefore, it is highly convenient to clean and wash.
  • The handle is light due to use of three rivet handles and can be easily accommodated in even the smallest of hands. Even frequent use of these knives wont cause you any kind of strain and pain.
  • High quality strong blades which is non sticky and non rusting.
  • The lifetime warranty ensures that customer is not cheated in any way.
  • Highly flexible and give extremely smooth and clean cuts.
  • It is highly convenient for butchering purposes.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

The  7-Piece Henckels  Knife Set has prices ranging from $200 to $300 depending on the merchant, but I was able to find the best price on Amazon.

What Do Others Think about the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife Set?

The customers have given this knife set a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. The rating gives a better understanding of how popular this knife set is among the kitchen and fish lovers. It can be one of the prized possessions of your kitchen and for filleting. It has been given positive feedback by both household users as well as professional chefs. Customers love this Henckels knife set because of its short and easy to use knives. The shears are silky smooth and can be used to snip anything. In fact this knife set is said to belong to a totally different league of knife sets. You couldn’t be happier once you start using it and see its wonders for yourself.