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Artist puts Redd Up in reverse

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13 August, 2008

AN ART exhibition highlighting the plight of remote beaches will be displayed at Shetland Museum from 16 August.

The environmental installation Plastic Beach was designed by Robert Callender who has recreated plastic objects found in Shetland and at Stoer Point, Sutherland, using cardboard, paper, paint and marble dust.

The exhibition also includes documentary photographs, which form part of an ongoing project entitled Beach Plastic, as well as a documentary film giving an insight into Callender’s working process.

For 30 years the artist has been using his work to campaign for cleaner beaches. Plastic Beach is an offshoot of Coastal Collection which was exhibited at the former Shetland Museum in 2000.

Museum exhibitions officer John Hunter said it was a very personal show that highlights the consequences for nature of the “plastic age”.

“Shetlanders are used to the annual Redd Up but may well be surprised to see an artist using bruck to put forward a social comment,” Mr Hunter said.

“There is also something quite powerful about the transformation that takes place when, one by one, the plastic objects are painstakingly recreated using such simple materials. They are objects of surprising beauty.”

The exhibition runs from 16 August to 29 September. For further information please contact John Hunter at the Shetland Museum and Archives on 01595 741 559 or exhibitions@shetland-museum.org.uk


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