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Tour guides get a line on mussels 

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5 December, 2008

MEMBERS of the Shetland Islands Tourist Guides Association have been given an insight into mussel farming during a tour of facilities at North Atlantic Shellfish, in Walls.

Tour guides found that holiday makers increasingly asked about mussel lines in Shetland's voes and wanted to broaden their knowledge of the industry.

The tour involved a boat trip to their sites in West Burrafirth, where the guides were able to see the various stages of the mussel life cycle, followed by a visit to the company's grading and washing facility and culminating with a plate of freshly cooked shellfish.

Company managing director Michael Tait said: "With every guide seeing around 500 tourists each summer, we felt it was a good exercise to arm them with first hand knowledge of what we do to produce our top quality mussels."

Tourist guide Catriona Anderson added: "It will certainly make a huge difference to what we'll tell our guests next year about mussel farming and, equally, the enthusiasm with which we'll speak about it in the future."


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